One thing is certain, everything is changing, always. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually we are different daily. One place we can watch, without judgment, our varying states is in our daily yoga practice.
During a yoga class, I aim to create a class that is informative, transformative, challenging, supportive, fun and feels good to the body! My hope is that each individual will take away some new insight about their own body, breath, mind and spirit. I teach yoga in the hopes that I can share even a glimpse of the understanding, joy, strength, vulnerability and love I have experienced through my own personal practice. I also simply love to be inside a yoga studio, in a community of people who like a sweaty, vigorous challenge and who aim to quiet the mind through breath, movement, kindness, non-violence and self observation.

The focus of all of my work is to create movement in both the physical and energy system of the body by moving blocked energy and creating "freedom of flow". Chi, prana, vital energy – move it and free pain on every level.

Please join me and Three Yogis Retreats for an uncoming Yoga and Healing Retreat in Mexico (or where ever we may be going next!). We would LOVE to have you.

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Deborah Stotzky Acupunturist