What is Yamuna Body Rolling
Yamuna Body Rolling is a self-massage, a muscle stretching, strengthening & toning routine and SO much more!

As we roll out our bodies on 6”–10” inflatable balls we stimulate bone, elongate tendons, stretch muscles, free restrictions in all parts of the body, increase circulation, flush the system with fresh blood and move metabolic waste.

Body Rolling empowers us to tone, strengthen and realign our own bodies and to prevent and fix all sorts of body problems and injuries. Because Body Rolling stimulates bone, tendons and muscles we are able to create positive, long lasting structural change.  Body Rolling encourages shortened muscles to release and breaks-ups adhesions between muscles, creating healthy space in the joints and increased performance as each muscle begins to work independently and at its optimal potential. 

Because the organs of the body have nerve roots that innervate along the spine, rolling out the back and spine stimulates all the organ systems and increases their functioning. By practicing the Body Rolling abdominal routines, we are also directly and positively effecting digestion, urinary and gynecological functions.  By releasing the musculature of the body, we increase the functioning of the organs that lie beneath.  Body Rolling is also very effective in maintaining emotional well-being, as it is calming to the central nervous system.

As we roll out the musculature of the body we are also applying deep acupressure along the meridians of the body, moving energy through the pathways and positively affecting the body’s entire energetic system. This is an important aspect to why Body Rolling offers such a profound healing. As all of these systems begin to move, change and unwind, we start to become pain free, stress free and lighter.

Yamuna Body Rolling is a workout, massage and therapy treatment all in one.  And the best part is – once you learn these routines you will have the knowledge and ability to roll whenever & wherever you like - and it feels fantastic!


6 Week worshop:

What we will do:
Each week we will focus on a different area of the body.  We will roll that area out with various routines that you will be able to practice at home and make your own.  Each session will leave us feeling deeply balanced, muscle relaxed and energetically light.

Week 1:  Whole body

Week 2:   Legs

Week 3:   Side body - IT band, hips, rib cage, shoulders, neck

Week 4:   Front body - front legs, abdomen, internal organs, chest, neck

Week 5:   Back body - calves, hamstrings, gluteus muscles, back & spine, head

Week 6:   Torso - abdomen, chest, hips, rib cage, back & spine, neck
At the end of the 6 week experience, you will have the tools, knowledge and mostly certainly the “passion” to self heal, prevent injury and self massage for the rest of your life!

How the workshop works:
Included in the cost of the workshop is your very own set of Body Rolling balls for you to keep! You will need to bring the balls and your own yoga mat to class with you each session.  If you already have a set of the balls – fabulous!  Please let me know.

What to wear:
Close fitting yoga clothes.  It is not very comfortable to roll over bare skin, so close fitting longer pants & tops are recommended.   Be comfortable!

Where we will be:

When we will be there:

How much it will be:
Includes (6) Body Rolling sessions and a set of Body Rolling balls!  Can’t beat that!
(If you have your own Body Rolling balls please let me know).

How to sign up:
Email me: Deborah.acupuncture@gmail.com

How to learn more about me:

Space is limited, so please sign up early to insure your spot!
(as the balls must be ordered and delivered before the course begins).

Thank you - I look forward to sharing this experience with you!